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QVC Fashion Spokesperson LUG


I am proud to represent the LUG Brand sold on QVC and on We are a travel bag and accessory company that brings you organized and stylish handbags in every shape and size to enhance your everyday life.  We want you to enjoy life's daily adventures, stress free.  We are family owned and believe that you should live your life in color.  

TV /Radio Trend Reporter


I have been blessed being the fashion reporter on Better Connecticut for the past 9 seasons since the show began. I have also had the honor of stepping in as a Co-Host on occasion. Bringing you the latest in trends and making them work for your life, your body and your budget are always top of mind for me. 

Life In Bloom

Your Life in Bloom brings you lifestyle information to help you live your life in bloom. We share our tips, experiences, recipes, rituals and more to help you age with grace and joy. 


Debbie is by far one of the best people I have ever been associated with. What started out as a relationship with an on air personality developed into a philanthropic/advisor-partner. Together we were able to accomplish some terrific work in the community. Her hard work , creativity, integrity, and general infectious enthusiasm make her a one of a kind individual. If you ever have the honor of working with her, cherish the time, you are with someone special. I certainly did, and I am better because of it. 

Mark Hoch, Nissan of Bourne


Featured On 


The Shopping Channel / Canada
Better Connecticut
Country 92.5 / The Damon&Cory Show
Western Mass News
Gladys Magazine